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Setting up internet and MMS

How do I set up mobile data and MMS?

Before you can use mobile data and MMS, you first need to set up your phone.

You can find the settings by clicking here, then simply choose your mobile phone brand and model and follow the instructions.

If you are unable to get the settings to work by using the link above, you can also find information in our Help section on how to set up internet and MMS.

If you'd prefer to follow our video guide, simply scroll down a little on this page and select the guide for either Android or iPhone.

Speed and coverage

Correct to: “Lebara Mobile uses Telenor's network in Denmark. As a customer with us, you will have access to the mobile internet with the highest speed that the network can provide at any given time. ??

The speed for mobile internet can vary from area to area and depends partly on the specifications of your mobile phone and partly on the number of concurrent users of mobile internet. We are offering 4G mobile data with a maximum speed of 80Mbit/s download and 40Mbit/s upload. You will normally experience speeds of between 30% and 80% of that.??

Please note that using mobile internet abroad is charged at a significantly higher rate than usage in Denmark, and it will not be included in any data package.

Check the coverage in your location.

Video guide: Internet settings for iPhone

Video guide: Internet settings for Android phones

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