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Newsletter June 2011

Win an iPad 2 with Lebara Mobile

0 kr/min. to Lebara customers

With Lebara Family you can call all Lebara customers for 0 kr/min.

As our customer you are automatically a member of Lebara Family, and the service is free. You can call all our customers for 0 kr/min. + set up fee for 30 minutes. After 30 minutes it's normal rate.

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If you forward this newsletter to friends and family, they can also become Lebara-customers. Then you can call eachother for 0 kr/min.

Lebara offers best customer services

At Lebara we have an ambition to deliver the best service to you. And we do. This year Lebara is winner of UK Mobile News Awards 2011 for best customer services.

You can call Lebara customer services on 50 10 10 10. Weekdays from 9-18 and weekends from 10-16.

Micro-SIM for your iPhone or iPad

Do you need a micro-SIM for your iPhone or iPad? All you need to do is call our customer services on 50 10 10 10. We will then send the micro-SIM to you.

Gold and platinum numbers

Do you want a number that stands out from the crowd and is easy to remember? Click here to see which gold and platinum numbers we have for sale right now.

Buy your gold or platinum number here

Win an iPad 2 with Lebara Mobile

You can now win an iPad 2 with Lebara. All you need to do, is to sign up for mobile internet. You can then browse the internet for 49 kr per month.

In Danish: Win an iPad 2 here

When you receive the confirmation of your mobile internet order, you are automatically enrolled in the competition. You now have the chance at winning an iPad 2 with Wi-Fi + 3G 16GB. You can read more (in Danish) about the competition here.

Are you not a Lebara customer yet? Click here (link in Danish) to become a customer and sign up for mobile internet with Lebara.

Already a Lebara customer? Log in and sign up for mobile internet here

Kind regards,

Your Lebara team

Win an iPad 2

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