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Vi forlænger kampagnen fra 6ore/min

We´re extending the campaign with new prices to over 30 countries
Lebara Mobile offers you low-cost calls abroad and you can stay in touch with friends and family worldwide. Lebara Mobile has now even lower rates to many countries and has some of the cheapest rates for international calls. For example you call Thailand, Germany, Sweden, Turkey, Pakistan, Poland and Vietnam for only 6 øre /min.
The campaign ends 31.03.2012.

We have reduced the rate on GPRS by over 50 %
See our new rates here :
  Top Up type Rate per min. landline Denmark Rate per min. mobile Denmark Set up fee SMS/Text GPRS
(pr. Mb) (with auto top up) kr. 0,19 kr. 0,19 kr. 0,49 kr. 0,10 kr. 0,99 (without auto top up) kr. 0,49 kr. 0,49 kr. 0,49 kr. 0,20 kr. 0,99  
  100 kr. top up card kr. 0,69 kr. 0,69 kr. 0,99 kr. 0,25 kr. 0,99  
  200 kr. top up card kr. 0,69 kr. 0,69 kr. 0,99 kr. 0,20 kr. 0,99  
  500 kr. top up card kr. 0,29 kr. 0,29 kr. 0,99 kr. 0,20 kr. 0,99  

If you top up with 500 kr. on without Automatic top up, you will get the same low rates as if you have top up on with Automatic top up.

Your opinion means a lot to us
We constantly want to improve ourselves, therefore your opinion means a lot to us.
Visit trustpilot and give us your opinion.

African Cup of Nations – Create your own ringtone
African Cup of Nations is a football tournament held every year amongst the African Countries CAF). In this connection you can create your own ringtone on our website and watch the TV spot for the African Cup of Nations. So check it out!

New Huawei X5 Pro
We have again expanded our range of Smartphones with the brand new Huawei X5 Pro U8800. This is an elegant Smartphone with nice specifications. This Smartphone can be yours for only 1599 kr. inc.100 kr. call credit. Visit our website to buy Huawei X5 Pro.

Huawei X5 Pro

Best regards
Your Lebara Team
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