Get Data / MMS Settings

How do I access Internet and MMS?

We give you the option of setting up Internet on your phone with the following link. You start by selecting your Phone Manufacturer and model - Click here

You also find information under the Help menu to set up internet and MMS - Click here

You can set up the Internet manually. We have provided two video tutorials, one for iPhone and one for Android.

Opsæt internet/MMS på iPhone

Opsæt internet/MMS på Android


To use a data bundle you need a phone that has access to the internet, a USB modem or a computer/tablet with the possibility for inserting a SIM-card.

When you buy a data package, it will automatically renew when the package is used up or after 30 days. Therefore you have to manually cancel the data bundle by SMS: ”datacode*stop” to 5010 ex. ”300mb*stop”.

The data bundle will only be renewed if you have enough money on your top up account. If there is not enough money you will be charged per MB. For 7 days the data bundle will try and renew.

You will receive an SMS warning when we register that you have 50 MB left on your Mobile Internet package. You need to have minimum 5 kr. call credit left on your account to use Mobile Internet.

The data bundle cannot be used abroad. If you are signed up for roaming, you will be charged per MB. Data usage abroad can be very expensive!

Speed and coverage

Lebara Mobile uses the Telenor network. You will have access to the mobile network with the best speed that the network can give at any time. We currently don't support 4G, but will be available soon. The speed for Mobile Internet can vary from area to area and depends also on the number of transmissions (ordinary mobile use) and the number of concurrent users of Mobile Internet. You will normally expirience download speeds of between 30 % and 80 % of the specified speed.

If you use Mobile Internet abroad, please note that you will pay a significantly higher price than in Denmark. Mobile Internet package can not be used abroad, any Mobile Internet usage will be charged per MB. 

To check the coverage in your location, click the Coverage link below.


Lebara hereby gives notice of price changes effective September 15, 2014. The changes are regarding certain products. The changes will include an increase in certain prices from DKK 0.03 to DKK 1.00.

*Price plan Lebara Denmark + Nordic will be closed from 15.9.2014. We recommend you sign up for automatic topup to get the lowest rates in Denmark and for international calls.