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Call your loved ones - just got simpler and cost effective - chat with friends & family all over the world from your mobile from as little as 1øre a minute. Find out all you need to know about who we are and how you save money on international calls with Lebara mobile.

How do I get started?

1. Order SIM

We've made it even cheaper and easier for you to make national and international calls from Denmark on your phone.
Pick a SIM that suits your needs.

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  • Free SIM incl. 10 kr
  • We choose your number
  • Call to all Lebara customers for
    0 kr/min
  • Call abroad from 1 øre/min
  • Call Denmark from 19 øre/min
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  • You choose your number
  • Call to all Lebara customers for
    0 kr/min
  • Call abroad from 1 øre/min
  • Call Denmark from 19 øre/min 

2. Move your number to Lebara

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Move your number to Lebara and enjoy our low prices to call in Denmark and abroad. It is free and you get 25 kr welcome bonus. You only need to fill in the online form here. If you are not tied to your old company by subscription or other, we will move your number within 3-5 work days. If you are tied to your old company, we move your number, when the subscription has expired.

 Move you number and get 25 kr call credit

4. Insert SIM

Simply insert your Lebara Mobile SIM-card into your mobile phone and switch it on - you are ready to make your first call. If you need to purchase call credit you can top up instantly online – simply click on the button below.

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5. Log in

It is easy to be a Lebara customer!

Register online and:

  •  Sign up for Automatic top up and save even more.
  •  Sign up for Mobile Broadband
  •  Get a quick overview of your account.
  •  Topup your phone any hour of the day or night.
  •  View your personal information.
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Lebara Mobile – Simple, Honest, Value

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When it comes to calling friends and family who are living abroad, Lebara Mobile's international calling services are the logical choice.

With crystal clear voice quality, free Multilingual Customer Service, very competitive rates to over 200 countries worldwide and in Danmark, Lebara Mobile is by far the best way to stay close with loved ones.

Why not pick up a SIM today?

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About Lebara Mobile

Read more about Lebara Mobile; who we are, what we do and why we do it.

Why Lebara?

At Lebara Mobile our vision is to make it easy for you to keep in touch with your family and friends. You can call the whole world from your mobile, without worrying about the bill.


Got your Lebara SIM? Log in to get an overwiev of your account, sign up for our products, top up and much more!!

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Always low rates

  • from 0,29 kr. in Denmark
  • int. calls from 0,01 kr.

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Customer service

  • multilingual
  • call for free with a Lebara number

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