Get a Data Pack



Buy via SMS below. (To get your data settings click here)

You can choose from:


  • Order via SMS
  • No set up fee
  • 3G Mobile Internet
  • The data bundle will be renewed automatically every 30 days or when it is used

How to order:

To purchase a data bundle simple send an SMS to 5010 with the code for the bundle you wish. Please check there is enough money on your account before ordering.

  1. Choose the data bundle for your needs
  2. Send an SMS with data code to 5010 Example: 2gb to 5010
  3. You will receive an confirmation via SMS

To stop auto renewal, send SMS with data code*stop to 5010 Example: 2gb*stop to 5010

Note: If you are signed up for mobile internet at MyLebara and wish to switch to the data bundles, please cancel your mobile internet agreement at MyLebara or call customer service.