Roaming - Use Your Phone Abroad


If you travel abroad you can still use your Lebara Mobile SIM card. All you have to do is log on to your MyLebara account and sign up for roaming, we will then activate roaming on your number within a few minutes.

Signing Up for Roaming:

  • To sign up for roaming you must have a CPR-number and a current Danish address.
  • You must be 18 years or older.
  • Lebara Mobile approves the roaming application after validation of your credit rating. We reserve the right to reject a roaming application due to your credit rating.
  • You must have a valid  bank card (Dankort, Visa, Visa Electron, Mastercard).
  • Roaming will be charged regularly from your bank card, provided you have used your phone abroad.
  • Signing up for roaming costs 49 kr.

Using Your Phone Abroad:

  • Lebara Mobile follows the roaming rates set by Telenor.
  • When you use your mobile phone abroad, you are using one of the local mobile operators with which Telenor has a roaming agreement. In any country where Telenor has more than one partner operator, you can choose which operator you want to use. When you are abroad, you will see the name of the foreign operator on the display of your phone. You can find out how to select operator manually in your phone’s user guide.
  • Please note: Telenor does not have roaming agreements with all operators in all countries.
  • To be able to use your phone abroad, particularly when travelling to a different continent, you must make sure that your mobile can use the frequency of network used in that country. If you have a smartphone you should not experience any issues but if your phone is a few years old or is a basic model you may wish to check this beforehand. If you travel outside Europe the minimum requirement should be a so-called ‘triband’ phone.

Roaming Rates:

  • When using your phone abroad you must pay to make and receive calls.
  • When you receive calls abroad, you pay the international part of the conversation, i.e. from Denmark to the country that you are in. The person calling you pays normal rate for calling a Danish mobile.
  • It is free of charge to receive SMS but you must pay to send an SMS.
  • Mobile data is generally expensive to use abroad and you should not have an active data connection unless you need it.
    When you use Data in EU: You will have 4GB per month if you have 4GB left in your active package. Hereafter you will be charged per MB.
    To avoid a high data usage we will always send you an SMS when you have spent 450 kr. on data within 1 calendar month when travelling in the EU, and we will block any further data usage unless you request to have data enabled again.
  • You can see the current roaming rates here.