International Students

  • FREE SIM for new customers
  • Low cost international calls
  • Prepaid packages including calls, texts & data





Prepaid Packages

Why are our prepaid packages so great?

  • Order via SMS
  • Includes calls in Denmark and to 50 other countries
  • Calls to both mobile & landline numbers
  • Free SMS in Denmark
  • Read more about our prepaid packages here.

Data Packages

With a data package you can browse the internet on your mobile at a fixed low price instead of paying per MB.

  • Order via SMS
  • No set up fee
  • 4G Mobile Internet

Read more about our data packages here.

Setting up internet on your mobile

To start using mobile internet on your mobile, you may need to set it up first.

You can find the settings by clicking here, then simply choose your mobile phone brand & model and follow the instructions.

Top up line in English

To top up your number & check your balance, you can call 50101234.

When you call for the first time, choose option 3, then option 2. The language will then set to English as default.

To check your balance, call 50101234 or send a text with the word balance to 5010.

Voicemail in English

Your voicemail number is 50101515.

To set up the voicemail in English, call 50101515, choose option 4, then option 2. The language will then be set to English as default.